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Tag: Dracula

The Top 5 Best Bela Lugosi Performances

What are your favorite kind of actors? For me it’s the ones who never give less than 100% in their roles. It doesn’t matter if they know they’re in crap, they refuse to talk down to the material. They are almost always the best to watch. You notice a lot of those kinds of actors tend to be from older generations. There was just a greater sense of professionalism and there are many reasons for this with how the studio system worked and other factors, but the point still stands. In my opinion, one of the best actors of this kind was Bela Lugosi. Pop Culture knows him best as Dracula, but he had so much more to offer as an actor. It’s a shame the studios didn’t see it while he was alive as his career gets very sad once you start trying to follow it. So let’s give the man his due and really show off how great of an actor he was.

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