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How’s Universal’s Dark Universe Going?

Universal is off to a less than desirable start with their new Dark Universe. This was originally going to be an extra section in my main review for “The Mummy” much like how I did with my TBT review of “Howard the Duck.” However, there seemed to be enough stuff to talk about the Dark Universe so I decided to do a separate article dedicated to it. Plus I’m waiting a bit for those who plan on seeing it to view it. So SPOILERS ahead. The other nice thing about doing it this way is that it gives me more of a chance to see the fate of this film. Let’s just say that my review of calling it “meh…” is basically the closest it has to a glowing review… yeah.

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Review: ‘The Mummy’ Kicks Off Dark Universe With a Resounding “Meh..”

“The Mummy” is one of those weird franchises. The original “Mummy” film from the 30s is considered a classic. Although it’s not terribly interesting. It’s a total rip-off of the original “Dracula” just with a Mummy played by Boris Karloff instead of a vampire by Bela Lugosi. All the iconic images of the film are in the 1st third and not representative of the rest. The sequels are where most of what popular culture knows of “The Mummy” comes from. Then, there is the remake series in the 90s starring Brendan Fraser (btw I’m shocked how many people are still so attached to that version) which made a lot of money, but I don’t think even the fans would really call a great film. Also, it’s completely different from the original. But how does this new remake stand on its own?

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