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Tag: Backlash

Review: WWE Backlash [2016] PPV

Here is Smackdown Live’s first PPV of the new WWE era! Two new champions were crowned tonight, and two champions had to defend their titles against the innovative offenses of their opponents. The build up to the PPV was so-so, but there have been plenty of excellent shows that had terrible build-ups to precede them. Tonight really was a historical night, and what better city to do it in than historic Richmond, Virginia, which I grew up only an hour away from.

As the new brands continue to discover their new and fresh identities, it’s important start off on a strong foot and keep getting stronger and stronger. WWE Fans have dealt with too much indecisiveness and lackluster outcomes for too long, so our abilities that trigger happiness and forgiveness are running along a very thin line. Yes, the brand split has created some interesting pops and exciting storylines, but will it all eventually settle down to the familiar bore we’ve come to loath? Boy I hope not, and tonight is a prime example of why Smackdown is leading the charge that’s going to keep turning up the heat in WWE.

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