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Exclusive: ‘Star Wars’ Star David Prowse Gives His Take on Darth Vader’s Voice

When it comes to movie villains one of the most iconic is probably Darth Vader. While the voice of the character may have come from James Earl Jones, the man inside the suit was the British actor David Prowse. We had the chance to speak with David Prowse at Awesome Con and he had many great things to say about playing the great Darth Vader. He also gave his perspective of why his voice was replaced by James Earl Jones.

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Exclusive: Jeremy London Talks ‘Mallrats 2’ aka ‘MallBrats’ Reunion

If you were a fan of the hit TV series “Party of Five” or a big Kevin Smith fan, then you probably know Jeremy London. He’s an actor who is very recognizable even if you aren’t familiar with “Mallrats” like you should be. When it comes to quintessential 90s films, “Mallrats” is among the must-watch movies and Jeremy London was a major part of making that film what it is today. Talking with Jeremy, we were able to get some insight into his career and the upcoming “Mallrats” sequel. Take a look below.

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Exclusive: Timothy Zahn Puts ‘Star Wars Rogue One’ Thrawn Rumors to Rest

As the pioneer and author for much of the “Star Wars” novelizations in the EU, Timothy Zahn is a name that this niche group of fans know well. From him we received a more expansive universe outside of the films introducing us to characters that could be considered far more unique than what we’ve seen on screen. We’ve learned the intricate details of the Empire and Rebellion as well as learning about the main characters’ lives after “Return of the Jedi.” Given the current state of the franchise and the removal of these stories from cinematic canon, we spoke with Timothy Zahn about his take on the future of “Star Wars.”

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Awesome Con 2016 Recap and Kevin Smith Talks ‘Dogma 2’

Making the journey to Washington DC, we got the chance to check out this year’s Awesome Con. Since the last time we visited the convention has grown quite a bit expanding their space, their attendees, and their guest list. We were able to get some great coverage that we will continue to post including updates to the Cosplay gallery (check below) and interviews with David Prowse and Jeremy London. But for now let’s get into the overall recap starting with the highlight event for Friday, “An Evening with Kevin Smith.”

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