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Review: ‘The Girl On The Train’ Is A Mysteriously Suspenseful Ride

Review: ‘The Girl On The Train’ Is A Mysteriously Suspenseful Ride


”The Girl on the Train” will keep your heart racing with suspense!

Starring Emily Blunt, “The Girl on the Train” tells the story of a divorcee who gets wrapped up in a missing persons case. Based on the novel by Paula Hawkins, this psychological thriller rarely derails. As an alcoholic and a mere observer on her commute, unraveling Rachel (Blunt) is just as complex as the missing person case itself.

Cinematics (Cinematography, Acting, Plot, etc.) – 3.5

First I have to say that Emily Blunt is fantastic in this role. Her character lends itself to complexity, but her performance is what shapes this film. Phasing in and out of sobriety, her range is vast and dynamic.


…connecting the stories as a whole weaves together quite a dynamic plot…

With that said, to find the cinematic appeal in “The Girl on the Train,” you must be vested in Rachel (Blunt). I was quickly drawn to Rachel given her mysterious obscurity. She had a past that intrigued me and had me continually wanting to know more. She’s intwined with the missing person case which supplements the mystery. Though, without incorporating Rachel’s story, this film is just another Lifetime movie.

On the surface, the plot is simple. One woman has a troubled past, another has a mundane life, and another meets her unfortunate demise. Independently these stories do not carry much weight. But connecting them as a whole weaves together quite a dynamic plot. I consider myself to be fairly astute when it comes to mysteries. But I admit that I did not pick the culprit out early on like I normally do.

The setting feels a bit confined as most of the film is an interior setting. It’s reliant upon character development which is executed progressively well. There are cut-to moments that identify when you should be focusing on an indvidual character. For those not to cinematically savvy, this is a very refreshing element.

Overall “The Girl on the Train” finds cinematic success depending on perspective. Blunt’s performance was phenomenal but I doubt she’ll get an Oscar nod. I was engaged in the story, given that I have not read the novel. There are a few moments that seem generic but ultimately they don’t outweigh the moments that count.

Entertainment Value – 4

I had a lot of fun watching this movie. I’m a sucker for characters with depth and layers to peel back. I found myself wanting to know more about Rachel early on. As a result of their relation to her story, I subsequently found interest in the other characters as well.

What kept me most interested in this film is that it almost seems interactive. The way it’s laid out, made me feel like it was inviting me to solve the case as well. “The Girl on the Train” isn’t as complex as an adaptation like “Gone Girl,” but it finds its place. I think many movie-goers will enjoy this film and share my sentiments. It’s definitely a crowd pleaser.


I found myself wanting to know more about Rachel early on.

Re-Watchability – 3.5

The problem with a good mystery is that it’s never as good the first viewing. Though, there are some mysteries that have merit in this realm. I think “The Girl on the Train” has potential for repeat viewings based on the complexity of the characters and Emily Blunt’s performance. This isn’t a film I’m going to seek out in the theaters again, but once it hits home release, I think I’ll be watching again.

4K Blu-Ray Review

While you would not expect it, the 4K version of this film is a highlight among 4K enthusiasts. This is not a film that touts visuals first but the 4K version does look quite stunning in comparison to the Blu-ray. There are a few extras that add context to the film for those that may not have read the novel. The deleted scenes have minimal impact in this regard but the bonus featurettes definitely have some added value. Check out the full unboxing below.

“The Girl On The Train” hits digital, DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K formats on January 17, 2017!

  • Cinematics
  • Entertainment Value
  • Rewatchability


"The Girl on the Train" is an exhilarating ride throughout. There are a few moments that fall into the realm of simplicity. But once the story builds, these moments go unnoticed. This is a definite crowd pleaser with a phenomenal performance from Emily Blunt!

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