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Exclusive: ‘Wolfcop’ Creator Lowell Dean Teases Sequel’s New Holiday Theme And Shares New Set Photos!

Exclusive: ‘Wolfcop’ Creator Lowell Dean Teases Sequel’s New Holiday Theme And Shares New Set Photos!


“Wolfcop 2” may be added to your winter holiday movie list!

In case you missed last week’s episode of FadCast, we had the creator and director of Wolfcop on the show to talk superheroes and antiheroes. But while that subject matter was fun and interesting, Lowell revealed some information about “Wolfcop 2” that should have you all particularly excited!

Before getting into the episode agenda, we had a quick conversation with our guest Lowell Dean. Given that he has been working diligently on “Wolfcop 2,” we wanted to know how things were coming along and how life was in general.

“Good, good. I’m just keeping busy, working on post of ‘Wolfcop 2’ and trying to get the ball rolling on some other stuff.”

After mentioning “Wolfcop 2,” we were excited to learn more about what’s happening with the film and the main character. Where do things pick up in the sequel? Is Lou Garou becoming more acclimated with his werewolf transformation? Lowell gave us a very

“He’s gone through a couple full moons and if you know anything about Lou Garou, he’s probably going to enjoy what he gets to do when the full moon comes. I don’t think he’s the typical tortured soul who doesn’t want to be a werewolf. I think he actually relishes it and looks forward to it. But of course, with the things he does, there are consequences. “


“I’m just keeping busy, working on post of ‘Wolfcop 2’ and trying to get the ball rolling on some other stuff.”

Having watched “Wolfcop” a number of times its spirit falls in line with the Halloween season. We were curious if it would be the same for the sequel. How much time has passed since the first film?

“I will say that ‘Wolfcop 2’ picks up about 2 months later. And the first one I would say was basically around Halloween so you can do the math on what falls a couple months later.”

Both Pooya and I were extremely excited to hear about “Wolfcop 2” taking place around Christmas. I love creating an aggregated list of holiday favorite films around that time of year and “Wolfcop 2” seems to be pulling inspiration from some of my personal favorites. Lowell seemed very excited as well to announce the news!

“I’ve been a big lover of Christmas films and again when you look at the 80s which was such a big influence on the first ‘Wolfcop’, so many of the best action films like ‘Die Hard’, ‘Lethal Weapon’, and even movies like ‘Gremlins’…these are all Christmas films so. And those were heavy influences on the sequel.”


“I’ve been a big lover of Christmas films…”

Finally I wanted to ask Lowell about a more recent encounter with Kevin Smith on the set of “Wolfcop 2.” After listening to Kevin’s podcast a few months ago, Kevin praised Lowell Dean and the “Wolfcop” crew. Kevin was in Canada working on “Moose Jaws” and spent some time on set with Lowell Dean and quoting from his podcast, Kevin stated that “these were the type of guys, I’d like to work with.” Kevin reiterated this during a sidebar at Awesome Con 2016 and I wanted to hear about the experience from Lowell’s perspective.

“Kevin Smith did come by our set and we were shooting in Saskatchewan and he is planning, I hope, to still make ‘Moose Jaws’ in Saskatchewan. He was amazing! He literally came and hung out with us for about a day and a half and it was just really cool. They always say don’t meet your heroes and Kevin Smith is obviously for anyone who works in independent film or aspires to make independent films, a huge role model. And to have the man come to our set in Saskatchewan, the last place you’d expect to see him just wander over, it was amazing. He was super gracious and not only was he kind to everyone and just exactly who you’d hope he’d be, I was lucky enough that we’d have some longer lighting setups on a couple days and I could just wander over and geek out. How cool is it to have Kevin Smith randomly standing off to the side? You could walk over and be like, ‘Hey, what do you think of this movie that came out six months ago’? “


“How cool is it to have Kevin Smith randomly standing off to the side? “


Wolfcop #1

Lowell Dean has been having quite the impact with his creative brain child “Wolfcop.” We get quite a few screeners and it’s difficult to watch them all, and I’ll admit that “Wolfcop” was one that we hesitated with at first and then were blown away once we checked it out. Now with the sequel approaching, we’re anxiously awaiting its release and Lowell and his crew have even managed to gain the attention and praise of Kevin Smith which is quite the statement for an independent filmmaker.

In addition, “Wolfcop” has now spawned a comic that Lowell is very excited for as well. Dynamite Comics will be publishing the comic book series and as Lowell tells us, it will include some supplemental adventures for Lou Garou. For the fans of comics and the “Wolfcop” franchise (like us), this will be a welcomed addition to the comic book collection.

Stay tuned to Film Fad and for updates on “Wolfcop 2” and check out FadCast episode 101 for the full interview with Lowell Dean!

Tell us about some of your favorite “Wolfcop” experiences!

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