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Did Furious 7 get Paul Walker sympathy praise?

Did <em>Furious 7</em> get Paul Walker sympathy praise?

Paul Walker’s death was responsible for “Furious 7’s” incredible success

Paul Walker Speed

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.”

“Furious 7” pulled in around $150 million opening weekend but it wasn’t just a loyal “Fast & Furious” fanbase that brought in those numbers. The related trending topics leading up to the film surrounded Paul Walker’s death just as much as the film itself and possibly more. In addition to the trailer releases being trending topics, there were a few indirect “Furious 7” trending topics that built hype for the film. The CGI images of Paul Walker gained a lot of attention from fans wanting to know how this version of him would look on screen. Also the use of his brother in the role gained notable attention as well.

Outside of the digitally inserted version of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel was at the center of many trending topics. Whether it was naming his daughter Paulina in honor of Walker or getting choked up when presenting the first screening of the film, his heartbreak from the loss of his friend took center stage on social media. While I’m sure it was not intended, Vin Diesel’s sorrow was a definite publicity boost for “Furious 7” and the record box office numbers proved that the boost worked. Fans shared in his sorrow and despite us all knowing “Furious 7” would not be “Best Picture worthy,” we were still intrigued by the events leading up to the film and seeing Vin Diesel and Paul Walker together for one last ride.

Paul Walker RIP

RIP Paul Walker

Final Thoughts

While this may seem like an insensitive topic, it’s not my intention. This is purely an observation of the power and impact of Paul Walker’s death on the “Fast & Furious” franchise. While the film’s rating may be inflated due to his death, it clearly shows that his presence in the film had such an impact that it influenced the outspoken opinions of many prestigious top film critics.

I still say that “Furious 7” was a fun ride, but it carried a little more of an emotional impact due to the tragic events that preceded the film. It’s sad to see Paul Walker gone so soon but the impact his loss had on the film was apparent. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that his final “Fast & Furious” film received elevated clout, in fact it’s heartwarming to see such support. In regards to judgement of the film, just because I don’t agree with the reviews, doesn’t mean I don’t approve.

RIP Paul Walker 1973 – 2013.

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