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5 Movies that’ll Make You Yell ‘Murica!

5 Movies that’ll Make You Yell ‘Murica!

Murica -

Time to ignite your grills, toss on some hot dogs and red meat, pop open a beer and raise your sparklers to the sky; it’s the 4th of July!

America, F*ck Yeah! – Trey Parker

That’s right world, we at are celebrating the grand old Red, White and Blue (and FilmFad’s 1 Year Anniversary), the American way. What better to serve up a slice of home cooked Americana, than our nation’s favorite past time. No, I’m not talking baseball… I’m talking about HOLLYWOOD! That’s right join us as we list off five movies that are sure to make you yell ‘Murica!



Mel Gibson - The Patriot -

5. The Patriot

Should the American colonies govern themselves independently? I believe that they can, and they should.

What is more ‘Murican than a peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin being driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution after an A$$hole of a British officer murders his son. This film celebrates America’s independence with a story about … well… American’s independence. Side note: few people run better while holding the American flag (or an earlier version of it) better than Mr. Gibson himself.
Watch below as Ben Martin drops his farming implements to pick up a rifle! 

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