Taken 3

This trailer for “Taken 3” is everything we wanted “Taken 2” to be.

When I heard that “Taken 3” was being made I had to roll my eyes. The previous film played out like a cheesy 80s action flick with many over the top action shots and dialogue that incorporated the film’s title at obscure moments making it borderline cringe-worthy. The trailer for “Taken 3” seems to take the franchise in an entirely different direction and actually seems like it could be the most entertaining of the trilogy. Take a look at the trailer below.

I think we definitely get some top notch Neeson in this trailer. Rather than putting him up against a foreign mob, they put him up against the CIA, FBI, and possibly the entire country at this point.

Outside of the over-the-top combat, they seem to incorporate a more viable plot in this one and incorporate some of that “Bourne-style” fighting that we all love. On top of that, everything seems to be shot better, the scenes are more vibrant, and they’re getting more fluid overall. “Taken 3” may be the franchise gem we’ve been looking for.

Do you think this will be the best “Taken” film yet?