Paul Blackthorne speaks about Sara’s return for the Arrow spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow.”

While attending the Baltimore Comic Convention, we had the chance to speak with Arrow star Paul Blackthorne. During the conversation we discussed the upcoming season of “Arrow” and how relationships may change. Some of those changes included his relationship with Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the impact of his daughter coming back from the dead for “Legends of Tomorrow.”

We also got the chance to discuss some of Paul’s other projects outside of his role as Detective Lance on “Arrow.” Those projects include sci-fi projects like Dark Ascension and an upcoming documentary with the working title “Women with Balls.”

I don’t think it’s a secret that Sara pops up in the world of “Arrow.” So one would imagine that her father would know that it’s happening. It’s pretty interesting the way that plays out. They wrote some great stuff for that. Let’s just say there’s a bit of Lance family drama…as ever!

So for those wondering how Caity Lotz’s character Sara will be reintroduced into “Arrow” perhaps this conversation will provide some insight. From what can be gathered from the conversation with Paul, we know that Quentin Lance will know of her return and also that her role will not just be confined to “Legends of Tomorrow.”

In addition to “Arrow,” Paul Blackthorne has many other projects he’s working on and he’s very creative with a lot of personality. He had a very strong sense of humor on both his panel and during this interview which had us laughing during both. While many know Paul Blackthorne for “Arrow,” we think that there’s a lot more to him than this popular TV show. Be sure to keep an eye out for the documentary “Women with Balls” as shown in the trailer below.

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