“Jimmy Kimmel Live” introduces us to “Doctor Strange!”

We’ve been waiting for it and now the “Doctor Strange” trailer is finally here. While the name itself eludes to the concept being a bit odd, it may be one of the most visually appealing trailers we’ve seen yet from Marvel. Take a look at the world premiere below!


First poster!

The first thing that comes to mind is superhero meets “Inception.” Much of the world is set on the astral plane so there will be many mind-bending details that would not fit into other Marvel films. But while it may seem like an outlier amongst the pack, the presentation from the trailer alone sets the film up for high expectations.

Not only was the trailer released today but also the official poster for the film. And even though we’ve seen numerous photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in the costume, I must reiterate the fact that he definitely fits the part of the obscure doctor.

The only aspect that does seem a bit of to me is Cumberbatch’s American accent. He already has a very strong voice but many of his fans (officially known as “Cumberbitches”) know him for his British accent. I don’t think this will be a deterrent from his performance but it may catch a few people off guard.

The one disappointment about this trailer is the focus on Doctor Stephen Strange leaving little screen time for anyone else. We see Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One but only get glimpses of Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo and Mads Mikkelsen as whoever he may be. But while this trailer leaves us with a lot of uncertainty, the one thing we can be certain of is anticipation for this film beginning to grow.

Tell us your thoughts on the “Doctor Strange” trailer!