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Tag: Jyn Erso

‘Rogue One’ International Trailer Hints At Jyn Erso’s Connection To The Force

The second international trailer dropped for “Rogue One” and it raises some questions. While some have had their theories and suspicions about Felicity Jones’ character, this trailer may encourage those theories. There are some scenes we’ve seen before but we get some supplemental context explaining Jyn Erso’s motives and a potential connection to the force. Take a look at the trailer below.

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Latest ‘Rogue One’ Poster And Trailer Give Us More ‘Star Wars’ Glory

The poster featured above falls into a classic “Star Wars” theme. Following a pyramid structure, it brings the focus to the hero (Jyn Erso) followed by subsequent characters. To supplement the official poster, comes a brand new trailer for “Rogue One.” If you’re excited for the film already, be prepared to elevate that excitement. Check out the new trailer with new footage below.

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