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TBT Review: “The Fly 2” Fails Where the First Succeeded

Normally with these throwback reviews I tend to go with something I really like, but here I decided to go in the opposite direction and review something I hate! As in it’s somewhere in my bottom 4 or 5 most hated films. Like “Exorcist II: The Heretic” it’s a film I not only hate on its own merits but also because it’s a sequel to an amazing first film that happens to be one of my favorites. Let’s get into why and see if there are any redeeming qualities. I’m going to refer to “The Fly” (1986) as the original for simplicity sake even though yes I know it’s a remake but the actual original Vincent Price film doesn’t have anything to do with this discussion so again let’s just keep it simple. Again for these older films Spoiler Warning.

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