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Review: ‘Captain Fantastic’ is Fantastic

Captain Fantastic: Get ready for a wonderful piece of cinema that will rock your world physically, emotionally and socially. Viggo Mortensen brings one of his best performances yet, but we cannot forget about the rest of the cast. Everyone is perfectly casted, and George McKay and Nicholas Hamilton really shine bright along side Mortensen, who is for sure the center of this masterful universe. There’s enough in this movie to make you laugh, cry and judge yourself while also judging the conventional traditions of the American way. It’s a road-trip movie about an off-the-grid family, but it definitely isn’t family friendly. Many issues ranging from suicide, religion, America’s educational system, and mental illness are discussed and examined in gruesome detail at times. So, once the kids are asleep, be prepared to be captivated from beginning to end. This is a good one!

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