Matt Damon returns to space in “The Martian.”

After his long stint being stranded in Interstellar space, “The Martian” brings Matt Damon back to the cosmos but this time closer to home. After being presumed dead Astronaut Mark Watney is left stranded on Mars and must discover a way to survive for 4 years while also attempting to contact home. Check out the epic trailer below for “The Martian.”

As I mentioned previously, this does seem like a very similar story like we had seen in a subplot of “Interstellar.” As I noticed it, so did Pooya and we had a bit of a discussion on Matt Damon’s presence in “The Martian.” Just like in “Interstellar,” Damon is stranded in space forced to fend for himself. While the story may not be entirely the same as “Interstellar,” “The Martian” does seem like a distant cousin with a sort of continuation of Matt Damon’s story but on a different planet.

I have to say that this trailer has a bit of everything to entice people to see the film. From the sci-fi aspect, visual splendor, and incredibly intriguing story, “The Martian” fits the formula for a must-see film (at least from what we can see). I have to say that the premise is what has my attention. The struggle of man’s inherent need to survive and the ingenuity that comes with it had my attention about a quarter of the way through the trailer. While the film could be total crap, it’s got my attention with the story. Hopefully they explore the plot in a piecemeal fashion expanding upon the science as well as the adventure.

“The Martian” is set for release on November 25, 2015.