Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are reunited once again in the film “Joy!”

When it comes to filmmaker David O. Russell, he must love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. With two films already carrying Oscar clout, it’s easy to see why Russell would keep using these two in his films. But while we knew what to expect from “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” David O. Russell says that “Joy” will have a few surprises that aren’t apparent. See if you can guess any of the surprises in the trailer below!

It seems like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence must be best friends given how many films they’ve been in together. “Joy” not only reunites these two but also brings their other “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star into the mix. Joining this duo will be the great Robert DeNiro who seems to be playing JLaw’s (Joy) father this time rather than Cooper’s. But while all of these stars are reunited, I don’t expect them to be sharing the spotlight. “Joy” seems to be entirely about Jennifer Lawrence’s character and the rest of the characters just seem to be a piece of her story.

What we should be questioning right now is the potential of this film. Will David O. Russell be able to strike oil again or will this formula be too redundant for movie-goers? He claims that “Joy” will be something unexpected but will that statement hold truth with the redundancy of modern cinema? I think that “Joy” will turn out to be an adequate film just like “American Hustle.” I don’t think it will be the best film of the year but I definitely think it has the potential to leave audiences satisfied.

How do you feel about Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper reuniting for “Joy?”