Sean Bean is known for meeting his demise in film and TV. Here are 5 films where he was spared! SPOILER ALERT!

Sean Bean has gained much notoriety for his work after it became apparently obvious that he dies in most of his films. While the majority of his work has involved a gruesome death scene, there have been a few films where the Hollywood Grim Reaper has passed him by. Here are 5 films where Sean Bean lives to fight another day!

5. “National Treasure”

Sean Bean in National Treasure

5. Sean Bean in “National Treasure”

In a race against time with Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage), Ian Howe (Sean Bean) seeks out a hidden treasure by trailing his opponent. Although Sean Bean’s character is a ruthless villain willing to stop at nothing to find this treasure, he surprisingly lives…barely. In the end of the theatrical release “National Treasure,” Ian Howe (Sean Bean) is arrested by the FBI after being setup by Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage). If the script for “National Treasure” hadn’t been changed so quickly, Sean Bean’s character would have died a grueling death as he was eaten by Alligators in the sewer. Luckily the Director spared him.

4. “Ronin”

Sean Bean Ronin

4. Sean Bean in “Ronin”

“Ronin” falls into the realm of “heist film” where Sean Bean plays Spence, an arms expert apart of a team of former intelligence operatives hired to steal a briefcase. Although the film is filled with a plethora of action filled, bloody moments, Spence somehow manages to survive the mayhem. Many would consider Bean’s character Spence to be quite unlikable throughout the film so it is a surprise that he’s able to make it out of the film alive. Maybe it’s because under Robert DeNiro’s wing he received an extra bit of protection.

3. “Silent Hill”

Sean Bean Silent Hill

3. Sean Bean in “Silent Hill”

“Silent Hill” was one of those video game adaptations that I had high hopes for but turned out to be pretty lackluster despite it’s “R” rating. Sean Bean’s character Christopher Da Silva was originally only supposed to appear in the beginning and the end of the film but due to negotiations and Christopher being the director’s favorite character from the video game series, Bean received ample screen time. While a horror film would be a great place to see a Sean Bean death, Bean’s character lived on to return for a sequel to the film. Maybe Director Christophe Gans couldn’t bear the thought of his favorite character meeting his demise so soon!

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