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Magic Mike XXL debuts second trailer showing the best ‘Parts’

Magic Mike XXL debuts second trailer showing the best ‘Parts’

Magic Mike XXL

“They didn’t want to show the best PARTS of ‘Magic Mike XXL’ but it was HARD.

Maybe I’m still too immature for my age but the wordplay and sexual innuendos in the latest Magic Mike XXL trailer have me cracking up! In this trailer we get to see more of the ridiculous antics of the entire team as they play out their male stripper personas in day to day life. No matter your sexual orientation, this trailer will definitely give you a laugh. Check out the latest trailer for “Magic Mike XXL” below!

Except for the absence of Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer, the entire core “Magic Mike” team is back! With Channing Tatum of course leading the group as Mike, we also see a few newcomers. Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard, and Jada Pinkett Smith add to the feminine flair while Donald Glover and Michael Strahan supplement the level of “Magic Mike XXL” testosterone.

I have stated this before but will reiterate my thoughts that “Magic Mike XXL” will probably not be as rich as the first film. The first film actually had some cinematic value to it in between the stripping. With esteemed Director Steven Soderbergh at the helm, “Magic Mike” gained praise for its story in between the “fun.” For this sequel, the director’s chair will be given to the first film’s assistant director, Gregory Jacobs. While he has a pretty reputable career in the industry, this will be his first high profile film as a lead director.

With that said, I’m sure that studios will be capitalizing on the female demographic based on their response to the first film. From the title and the tone of the trailer, you can tell that “Magic Mike XXL” focuses on a different “part” of the film. Look at the trailer for the first film below. The stripping scenes are only a supplementary aspect and there is a major focus on Mike’s story. Even the music carries a more plot and character driven focus than “Magic Mike XXL.”

“Magic Mike XXL” may focus more on the humor and the sexuality but I’m sure that the female audience that flocked to the first film for this aspect will pack the theaters for this sequel. If you were one of the few that were engaged in the story of the first film, don’t expect to get that same level of engagement from this sequel. For the rest of you, I’m sure the studio has put together a “package” that you will definitely enjoy.

What do you think of “Magic Mike XXL?” Tell us if you will be seeing it!

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