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10 Movie Dads to Fit Anyone’s Father’s Day Profile

10 Movie Dads to Fit Anyone’s Father’s Day Profile

Everyone’s father is different and when it comes to fathers in film that holds true as well. For this Father’s Day, Film Fad would like to explore the different types of dads in film. Check out Ryan’s list for 10 types of movie dads the might just fit your dad’s characteristics.

10.The Absolute Family Dad – Clark Griswold (Vacation)


10. The Absolute Family Dad – Clark Griswold

How can any film dad list start without the ultimate film Dad Clark Griswold. Played by Chevy Chase, Clark Griswold was introduced to us in “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and had us continually laughing and connecting with the Griswold family with the many adventures that followed. While Clark may be a bit eccentric and crazy at times, his strong family values cannot be broken…even if it means kidnapping a theme park security guard at gunpoint.

9. The Inappropriate Dad – Noah Levenstein/Jim’s Dad (American Pie)


9. The Inappropriate Dad – Noah Levenstein/Jim’s Dad

“American Pie” is a cult classic about the hilarious lengths to which teenagers will go in order to have sex. While the ridiculously raunchy comedy was consistent, it would have lost some luster without the coy and inappropriate father/son moments between Jim and his dad. Played by the hilarious Eugene Levy, Noah Levinstein became a favorite of the film. He balanced the vulgar moments with his calm and collected one-on-one talks with his son. While the shock value is what gave us the initial laughs in “American Pie,” it was Noah Levenstein’s fatherly discussions that kept the laughs going.

8. The Overprotective Dad – Bryan Mills (Taken)

Taken 3

8. The Overprotective Dad – Bryan Mills

Ever meet that one dad that claims he’ll kill you if you hurt his daughter? Well Liam Neeson‘s character in the film Taken will do just that and more. Bryan Mills is a dad that knows the dangers of people because he’s seen the worst of them. Of course this makes him a bit overprotective when his daughter wants to travel alone and then adds to that overprotective nature in later films once he’s proven right. Bryan Mills is not the typical dad that has a shotgun waiting to hunt you down, he’s much more. His “particular set of skills” not only make him capable of finding and killing you, they also make him capable of being your worst “nightmare” if you harm his daughter.

7. The Mid-Life Crisis Dad – Lester Burnham (American Beauty)


7. The Mid-Life Crisis Dad – Lester Burnham

Not only is Lester Burnham a prime example of a dad in a mid-life crisis, but he also fits the profile for the creepy dad who flirts with your friends. In “American Beauty” Kevin Spacey’s Lester Burnham may not fit the profile for a great dad, but he does fit an exaggerated stereotype. With his crisis stemming from a sexual fantasy he has about his daughter’s high school friend, Lester begins to follow the path of every man in a mid-life crisis. He starts getting in shape, starts hanging out with younger people, buys a sports car, and even experiments with drugs. He may not be a dad that his daughter truly loves but he does fit the profile of a dad that many can relate to.

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