The “Zoolander 2” trailer is here with an even bigger adventure!

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reunite in the first trailer for “Zoolander 2.” This time around they’re joined by an Interpol agent played by Penélope Cruz in order to stop the assassination of the world’s most beautiful people. The one common element behind all of these assassinations lies with Derek’s signature look, “Blue Steel.” Take a look at the trailer below.


The male model gang is reunited and their nemesis Mugatu (Will Ferrell) joins the story as well. As we can see from the trailer we can expect many of the same “Zoolander” antics that we loved from the first film but this time they come with a bigger budget and a higher volume.

For over a year we’ve been following the progression of this film. From the news of Mugatu returning last year to the more recent posters and teaser trailer, “Zoolander 2” has been on the radar of most fans of the first film.

When watching the trailer for “Zoolander 2” I’m a bit reminded of “Anchorman 2.” It might be the nostalgia that came from the same comedy era or it could be the larger scale production value as seen in the trailer. Hopefully “Zoolander 2” will carry the same praise that “Anchorman 2” carried with the critics when it outperformed its predecessor.

Whether “Zoolander 2” surpasses the first film or falls short of its potential, I’m sure that this film will do well with its fanbase with adequate box office numbers opening weekend.

“Zoolander 2” is currently set for release on February 12, 2016.

Are you ready to dive into the world of male modeling again? How do you think “Zoolander 2” will be compared to the original film?