Batman V Superman

Director Zack Snyder has released a teaser for the upcoming “Batman V Superman” trailer!

I can’t believe that a teaser trailer for a trailer is becoming a thing now. With the continual surge of the internet it’s no surprise that Director Zack Snyder would leak a video to tease the upcoming trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Take a look at the 20 second teaser below.

I hate to downplay my own post but there really isn’t much to this video. We’ve anxiously been awaiting any sort of tidbit of media related to “Batman V Superman” and unfortunately this is barely anything. We see a close up of the suits but we’ve seen these all before. Why don’t they just give us the high quality clip of what’s already out there and circulating the internet? We released the low quality clip here back in July and it’s been circulating since then. While Fox is usually pretty stingy about their media, even they released the leaked Deadpool footage in HD after the cat was already out of the bag.

With my fanboy griping said and done, I am looking forward to April 20th for the first trailer for the film. “Batman V Superman” is the most anticipated DC film to date and I’m sure many are anxiously awaiting. Hopefully the trailer lives up to the hype though because this “Batman V Superman” tease was just cruel.

Do you think this teaser letdown will lead to an amazing trailer?