Willem Dafoe will make his DC debut in “Aquaman”

It was originally announced that Willem Dafoe would be an “Aquaman” villain. At first, it seemed as though he would only make an appearance in “Justice League,” but in a recent interview Dafoe confirmed otherwise. After “Justice League” Willem Dafoe will make a more significant appearance in James Wan’s “Aquaman.”

“Well, Justice League is very particular because it’s an ensemble movie and my character is being introduced here in order to be a principal role in Aquaman. These films are a different experience. They have different responsibilities, different resources and different intentions. It’s nice to go between those worlds if you can. They serve different impulses.”

Willem Dafoe is set to play the character named Vulko. The character appears quite often in the Aquaman comic universe. As an Atlantean scientist, he adds a lot of political and academic context to the story. Vulko and Aquaman are known to have a bit of tension between them. Despite their disagreements, they later become friends after both being imprisoned. Aquaman later breaks free, reclaims his throne, and appoints Vulko as his regent.

There is not a lot of context behind Willem Dafoe’s character in the film. It’s uncertain if his relationship with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will play out the same way as in the comics. For now, what we do know is that Vulko will be a recurring character. This leads me to believe that he will have a significant role in the DC universe. Also with an acclaimed actor like Willem Dafoe in the role, I doubt he’ll be playing a simple tertiary character.

James Wan’s “Aquaman” is currently set for release on July 27, 2018. The film is directed by James Wan and stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and (now) Willem Dafoe.

What are your thoughts on Willem Dafoe’s character? What type of impact will Vulko have on the plot and other characters?

This was first reported by The Guardian