People are claiming that Will Smith deserves an Oscar but does he?



Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has spoken up about her husband being “snubbed” at the Oscars this year for his role in Concussion. But while her argument could be perceived as acknowledgement by a nomination rather than a win, the internet has (of course) gone to extremes questioning why he has never won an Academy Award.

Before we get started, I’m not advocating to exclude Will Smith from being nominated for an Oscar. But I am 100% sure that he has not yet earned his right to a lustrous Academy Award. There are some making claims with an opinion they’ve backed up, but there are others whose opinion I will not even address. Those are the people claiming that Will Smith deserved an Oscar for “Independence Day.” And for those that think that, feel free to avoid the Oscars and focus on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. That may be an awards show that adheres to your tastes.

For the rest of the crowd arguing for more worthy films, my argument is geared towards your opinions.

1. Will Smith gets a nomination for “Ali” but not a win.


Will Smith’s first Oscar nomination

At the 2002 Oscars Will Smith received his first Oscar nomination for his portrayal of boxer legend Muhammad Ali in the film “Ali.” This was quite an honor already, but he also shared the nomination spotlight with a number of other seasoned actors, all of whom were his senior in both age and experience. Sean Penn was nominated for “I Am Sam,” Russell Crowe for “A Beautiful Mind,” Tom Wilkinson for “In the Bedroom,” and Denzel Washington for “Training Day.”

Among these actors, Denzel Washington prevailed as the winner which was long overdue to say the least. I wouldn’t say that “Training Day” was a role that outshined others in this category, but with being snubbed on so many previous superior roles, everyone knew that Denzel Washington was the actor that did deserve the win. At only 34, Will Smith still had a bit of work to hone his craft to be on par with Washington.

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