Max Robbie Amell

The trailer for “Max” shows Robbie Amell and his canine companion on the battlefield!

If you thought “Marley & Me” was a tearjerker then expect nothing less from the upcoming film “Max.” The film stars Robbie Amell (cousin of Stephen Amell) as well as Lauren Graham and Thomas Hayden Church. The film is about a dog named Max that is adopted by his handler’s family after a traumatic war experience overseas. The film comes from the same producers of “Marley & Me” so while you may see a few laughable moments throughout the film, I’d expect some major tear-jerking moments by the end. Take a look at the trailer below.

I can handle many tragedies in film but anytime a dog is involved, it always tends to tug at my heart strings. From the looks of this trailer for “Max” it seems like the “Marley & Me” producers are targeting that effect and amplifying it. By including the tragic death of a soldier and a distraught pet that’s grieving, they’re focusing on two elements that stir public emotion.

While the film may be rated PG, don’t let that rating fool you. “Marley & Me” shared the same rating and was more than capable of invoking a strong emotional response. On top of that, “Max” even touches on the sensitive subject of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and then applies it to a dog. With so many opportunities for an emotional response, I expect “Max” to at least be a heartfelt film that many of the “Marley & Me” fans will enjoy.

What do you think of the “Max” trailer? Is this going to be a tearjerker?