Avengers Ultron 3

Age of Ul-How long?!?!?!

DesignTrend.com has a story up about Avengers: Age of Ultron receiving a 160 minute runtime. That’s a whopping 2 hours and 40 minutes of awesome presuming it lives up to the first. With so much happening and various characters being introduced (I’m looking at you Black Panther) it seems only fair to give the movie a bit more heft.

Get comfortable movie-goers, the “Avengers” gang will be back in theaters in a nearly three-hour long “Age of Ultron” sequel this May.

This puts it in line with other comic book movies such as The Dark Knight however that film is a much darker superhero tale. The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t gone as dark yet but this could be an indication that it is going to get much more gritty in the MCU. That is a mammoth run time so I am guessing there will be plenty of dramatic moments to fill the void when we aren’t being treated to hulk smashing, shield tossing, hammer pounding, robot annihilating, arrow slinging… you get the idea.

I’m looking forward to the epicness of this and will be well rested and fed before sitting in my preordered seat. Now if I can only figure out a way to use the restroom during… hmmm. Thoughts Fad Fans? How do you think a nearly 3 hour Marvel superhero epic will play? Do you think they will be able to fit everything in? How do you plan on spacing out your bathroom breaks? These are important questions people!!!