If Hulk and Thor were in “Captain America Civil War” would they be Team Iron Man or Team Cap?

Hulk and Thor are left out of the battle in “Captain America Civil War” and for good reason as things would be a bit more destructive. But if they were brought into the battle who would they side with? Based solely on their presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is almost definite proof of what they’re affiliation would be.

While there are aspects of the characters’ personalities that would lead us to lean towards one side or another, the key essentially lies in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Hulk

The Hulk carries a constant burden as both himself and his alter ego Bruce Banner. He feels guilt for his actions and in past films we’ve even seen him try to take his own life to end the Hulk’s unpredictable warpath moments.

In “Age of Ultron” we already get a glimpse of where the Hulk’s allegiance lies. Bruce Banner and Black Widow are now involved in a romantic relationship where she seems to be the only one able to tame the Hulk. When it comes to matters of the heart we all know that support is a package deal. If Hulk were to stand by Widow then we already know she is on Iron Man’s squad making the Hulk lean towards that side as well.


Thor and Black Widow’s romance

In addition to the relationship with Black Widow, Bruce Banner also has a strong friendship with Tony Stark and their paths continually seem to coincide when it comes to matters of science. But outside of his relationship with Tony, he carries that added guilt of being a co-creator of Ultron. This burden that Tony carried led him to the same conclusion that superheroes need to be “put in check.”

Overall, Bruce Banner has a lot of emotional weight to carry primarily composed of guilt. As Banner he was the source of destruction caused by Ultron and as the Hulk he lost control in the South Africa battle in “Age of Ultron.” Even though the order may be issued by General Ross (Hulk’s opposition), it’s easy to see that Banner would agree that superheroes need to be put in check.

Hulk/Bruce Banner – Team Iron Man


We’ve seen Thor at the peak of his arrogance in his first film but while he learned quite a bit since then, that arrogance has diminished but has not been extinguished. He’s a character that continues to play by his rules as he’s not from our world.

Throughout the Avengers films we’ve seen Thor and Tony Stark have a bit of ongoing animosity that surged in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Thor became enraged when he learned of Tony’s involvement in Ultron’s creation and immediately grabbed him viciously by the throat. But just because Tony and Thor have had their moments of aggression, that’s only one aspect of where Thor’s allegiance would lie in “Captain America: Civil War.”


Thor chokes Tony


Cap is “Thor Worthy”

We’ve seen Thor continually play nice with the Avengers but in both films he’s not been fully bound by the rules of the team or Earth for that matter. Despite Loki bringing destruction to the planet, Thor still held him accountable by Asgardian law bringing him back to his world for judgement. And when it came to collaborating on how to defeat Ultron, Thor left the team to do some “soul searching” on his own only to return much later.

Overall Thor would be more than reluctant to join Tony Stark due to their history. And when it comes to regulating superhero intervention Thor’s arrogance and disregard for any sort of Earth law would make him obviously opposed to this law. In addition, when Captain America slightly moved Thor’s hammer Mjolnir in “Age of Ultron,” he showed Thor that he was “worthy.” It’s obvious that Thor would be on Cap’s side.

Thor – Team Cap

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the allegiances of these heroes?