Did Marvel reveal the onscreen look and transformation of Captain Marvel?

Fans (myself included) were thrilled with Brie Larson being confirmed as Captain Marvel. With Larson set to play the Carol Danvers version of the character, many have been wondering what the character will look like on the big screen. There have been no official photos of any sort when it comes to the character, but I believe recent footage for the video game “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” reveals a concept of what to expect. Check out the gameplay footage below for the character.

“Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” gameplay footage:

Many of us can speculate how Captain Marvel will look but I think the biggest concern regards the signature mohawk. I was curious as to whether or not Brie Larson would cut her hair to fit the style, but I think “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” reveals how she will achieve this look. While some may consider this conjecture, I think this makes logical sense. Marvel combined with Disney has become a marketing machine. With Captain America and Iron Man matching closely to their movie persona, I think the same justified logic fits for Captain Marvel.


Captain America rebooted for his movie persona

The Captain America that we know from the “Marvel vs Capcom” franchise has an entirely new look for this game. This is the closest we’ve seen to a movie version of the character. There are some slight variations but essentially this character is the Chris Evans version of the character.


Iron Man looks very close to his “Spider-Man: Homecoming” suit

At first glance, Iron Man looks different from his latest “Captain America: Civil War” Mark XLVI armor. But while that may throw some off, Iron Man seems to revamp his armor for every film. From the quick cameo we see at the end of the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer, we can see a new suit on the big screen. If you compare this suit to the “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” suit, you can see the similarities.

From the Captain America and Iron Man comparison, I think it’s safe to assume that Marvel wouldn’t make Captain Marvel look drastically different from her movie version. Looking at more footage from the video game, we may be able to get a few other questions answered as well.

“Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” teaser:

Almost like a “Dragonball Z” style transformation, we see a glowing, fiery aura form around Captain Marvel. As the aura grows, we see her hair begin to rise as well. While there are two versions of the character shown in these videos, I think that Brie Larson will achieve the mohawk as dictated through the masked version of the character. At first I’m sure we will see the maskless character but if you look closely at the gameplay footage at the top of the post, the mask seems to serve a functional defense purpose as well. It seems to be armored and the way it is shaped puts her hair into that longer mohawk form.

We can assume that her powers won’t be as visually accentuated as they are in “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite,” but we can deduce what will be cinematically present based on other characters. By that I mean we’re not going to see over the top power blasts. Just like we don’t see Iron Man armed with a megaton gun. But with cosmic powers, I’m sure that we can see a bit more CGI for Brie Larson’s character than we do for other practical superheroes.


Potential Brie Larson look…

Tell us what you think about this theory? Do you think the “Marvel vs Capcom Infinite” version of Captain Marvel will be close to what we see on the big screen?