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In 2001, writer/director David Wain and co-writer Michael Showalter gathered an immensely talented ensemble cast for a funny flick called “Wet Hot American Summer” about counselors trying to get things done on the last day of summer camp.

Now 14 years later, Wain and Showalter are back with the full original ensemble in tow for an eight part Netflix series by the same name. With that said, a lot has changed in the past fifteen years. FilmFad.com would like to take a moment to reflect on the past and present careers of the film’s core players.


Michael Showalter

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Gerald ‘Coop’ Cooperberg in “Wet Hot American Summer” (2001)

THEN: Showalter was on the rise coming off his outings with MTV, back in the 90’s when MTV was a vibrant and cutting edge content provider before the plague of reality TV took over. A short five years after his sketch comedy show “The State,” Showalter and David Wain (“Role Models”) team up to pen what would become a cult-comedy, “Wet Hot American Summer.”



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Showalter (left) and his silent writing partner, Snowflake (right).

NOW: After a series of short lived television shows including “Stella”, “The Michael Showalter Showalter” and “Michael and Michael Have Issues” as well as a few sporadic guest appearances, Showalter has re-teamed with Wain to bring their “Wet Hot American Summer” cast to Netflix in an eight-part series.