Common Green Lantern

Did Common just land a role as John Stewart aka Green Lantern?

Rapper, Actor, and Oscar winner Common may have just landed the role that fans have begged for. While it’s not been said specifically, Common has landed a role in the upcoming DC film Suicide Squad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the role has not been named, but many fans are already speculating that it could be a cameo as the John Stewart version of Green Lantern.

Oscar-winning rapper-turned-actor Common has closed a deal to join the cast of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.’ all-star action movie featuring DC Entertainment super-villains.

This could be a HIGHLY speculated guess at the role, but it’s interesting enough that he would be cast in any DC film tied to a character that fans have begged him to play. I think he would make a great Green Lantern (not as great as Idris Elba), but just because he could or should play the role, doesn’t mean the role is his.

His role in Suicide Squad could be some tertiary character. While this would disappoint fans, it wouldn’t be the first time that the studios have cast a fan choice in another role. When X-Men: Days of Future Past cast Peter Dinklage, everyone thought that he was going to be Puck from Alpha Flight. Of course he threw everyone for a loop when it was discovered that he would be playing Boliver Trask, yet he still perfected the role.

So will Common be Green Lantern in the upcoming “Suicide Squad” film? If it’s a minor role and the studios are actually listening to the fans, then I would say it is likely. But if the role is more significant then I don’t think we will see Green Lantern pop up in the “Suicide Squad” world. My guess is that Common would show up as Green Lantern in a more transitional role to pave the way for an upcoming film if this casting were to happen.

What do you think? What are Common’s chances of being John Stewart aka Green Lantern?