Loot Crate’s February theme is “DEAD” and we did the unboxing for you!

Just after the new year comes the February 2016 Loot Crate Invasion edition! As you would expect “dead” would have something to do with the recent Deadpool film release and also a bit of “The Walking Dead.” Check out the video below and see what’s inside!


I will reiterate that the December 2015 Galaxy Loot Crate was by far my favorite thus far but this month’s “Dead” box does beat out January’s “Invasion” box with the cool Deadpool statue even though I found “The Walking Dead” soap on a rope to be a bit laughable but nonetheless surprising.

As said, we all have our favorite Loot Crates but this crate did have a lot to offer, especially for fans of “The Walking Dead” and “Deadpool.” It may have not been a POP! figure but the Qfig statue was impressive. As said in the video, Loot Crate is still a lot of value for your money and the surprise is definitely worth it. Check out the Loot Crate subscription plans here!

In addition we also did an unboxing of Loot Crate’s official apparel package, LEVEL UP! Check out that video below to see what type of “Dead” apparel was in the Level Up package.


Check out Loot Crate’s Plans Here:

Loot Crate Plans

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