Kurt Cobain Documentary

The first trailer for the latest documentary about Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain just dropped.

Whether you’re a Nirvana fan or not, many can appreciate the influence that the band had over a generation. Arguably the sole source of the “grunge movement,” Nirvana and front man Kurt Cobain influenced a generation’s lifestyle through their music. The first “authorized” documentary of Kurt Cobain has its first trailer that gives us an inside look into the rise and fall of Nirvana’s leading man. Take a look at the trailer for “Montage of Heck” below.

There are a few bands that produce amazing music and then there are others that produce a movement. Nirvana was one of those bands and their front man Kurt Cobain’s “f*ck it” attitude created a surge of followers. With “Montage of Heck” we may be able to finally see an official look at how Kurt Cobain influenced others and the impact of his life and death.

Outside of pleasing many Nirvana fans, this documentary has many names with a lot of clout behind them. Kurt Cobain’s wife Courtney Love and their daughter Frances Bean are credited as executive producers which should provide a more detailed inside look into his life. Outside of the family dynamic, Academy Award nominated director Brett Morgen is responsible for the direction of the film.

Being the first official documentary, “Montage of Heck,” promises never-before-seen home videos, Kurt Cobain’s personal artwork, and interviews with close friends and family. While you may have though you’ve seen all you can about Kurt Cobain, this documentary wants to challenge that thought and dive deeper into the life of Kurt Cobain.

Do you think “Montage of Heck” will satiate your Nirvana appetite?