Idris Elba Netflix

Netflix’s first co-theater release “Beasts of No Nation” debuts its first trailer!

It’s common knowledge now that Netflix is making big moves. When they put $12 million dollars on the table to acquire the rights to “Beasts of No Nation”, they proved that they were serious about expanding their company. Today we get a glimpse of what Netflix’s money has bought them with the release of the first trailer for “Beasts of No Nation” starring Idris Elba. Take a look at the trailer below!

With the theme and structure of this film, it seems like Netflix is making a run at Oscar credibility. The subject matter is controversial and has been a social topic of discussion for quite some time with African warlords like Kony in 2012. It is a common practice to corrupt children at an early age to recruit them as make-shift soldiers. But despite the stir of controversy surrounding the “Beasts of No Nation” subject matter, can this be a win for Netflix?

While some may see this as a new dawn for cinema, this is the beginning of another war. Movie theaters are not happy about the move to streaming media and have expressed their intentions to boycott “Beasts of No Nation” when it is released on October 16, 2015. If this move proves to be a success for Netflix, then we may see leaps forward into the streaming realm of cinema and the eventual downfall of the brick and mortar movie theater. If the boycott does halt the success of this Netflix venture, then they will undoubtedly still recover and maybe even try again.

In my opinion, a boycott from the theaters may backfire in Netflix’s favor. For those who want to see the film and don’t have the option of a theater viewing, I’m sure a $7.99 a month price tag would seem very appetizing. Theaters boycotting Netflix may give the streaming service exactly what they want, more subscribers.

How do you think “Beasts of No Nation” will affect the industry?