Hotel Transylvania 2

This trailer for Adam Sandler’s “Hotel Transylvania 2” looks better than the first!

Animated films seem to be a perfect fit for Adam Sandler with his comically caricature like voice. While he has been catching some heat for his “razzie-worthy” recent films, as a voice actor he still has some credibility when it comes to the target demographic for animated features. Take a look at the trailer for “Hotel Transylvania 2” and you will see what I mean.

While the first “Hotel Transylvania” wasn’t one of those universal audience animated films, it did have quite the following when it came to children. Much like the first film, “Hotel Transylvania 2” shows off smooth animation and some simple but effective moments of laughter. Along with familiar vocal talents, this film could be a family crowd pleaser for children looking to laugh during Halloween rather than scream.

Will you be taking your kids to see “Hotel Transylvania 2?”