The second trailer for “Spectre” is here and shows off the villains!

Although Director Sam Mendes recently said he was probably done with Bond, based on this Spectre trailer I’d say he may leave with a bang! This is the second trailer to be released for the upcoming James Bond film and its filled with all of the Bond action and sex appeal that we all know so well. Take a look at the second trailer below!

We’ve seen the teaser, we’ve seen the car chases, and now we’re seeing it all! This trailer gives us more of an idea of the “who” and the “where” but thankfully leaves a bit of mystery to the “how” and the “why.” This is something that I’ve continually loved about James Bond films. They don’t give the entire film away through media saturation. In this trailer we still get a tease of what to expect but the shroud of wonder still exists regarding the possibilities of the plot and characters in this film.

Just like in “Skyfall” the meaning behind “Spectre” seems to be waiting for the film’s release to give audiences a backstory. And while I’m sure the backstory will give us some insight into James Bond’s past (much like “Skyfall”), I don’t expect the revelation to be something mind-blowing. What I do think will be mind-blowing will be the action and new characters we have to look forward to. Christoph Waltz is sure to play a perfect criminal mastermind, Dave Bautista is a shoe in for the muscle, and Léa Seydoux is great combination of badass and “Bond girl.”

Based off of Daniel Craig’s track record in James Bond films, I expect that “Spectre” will be another worthy Bond film that we’ll grow to love.

What do you think of the latest trailer?