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5. Puppet Master (1989)

Frank Forrester: Just a little bit of sauce and Dana can become quite the cynic.

Dana Hadley: I am not a cynic, Frank! I like to think of myself as a nasty bitch.

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Who wants cake?

In 1989, the American horror film “Puppet Master” entangled audiences with it’s marionette driven madness. The uber fromage flick revolves around four psychics who are being plotted against by a spurned former colleague, using malicious puppets made animate by an ancient Egyptian spell. This straight to VHS release (yes, I said VHS) is the epitome of cult classic, as the rabid fan following from the videos spawned off nine other “Puppet Master” films. The puppets are twisted (one is named Blade and has a blade and hook for hands), The script is ridiculous (note the above-mentioned quote), the eye glasses are extremely thick-framed, the sex-appeal is still so very ‘80s and the movie is all the better for it. Although not the most widely appreciated, this film easily lands the top five movies with muppets or puppets with it’s impressive fan-driven franchise.


Check out “Puppet Master” in it’s entirety below!