Tomorrowland Disney

The trailer for Disney’s “Tomorrowland” looks incredibly intriguing from this short tease.

“Tomorrowland” is a sci-fi adventure film coming in 2015 from Director Brad Bird (“Up”). The film stars George Clooney and Britt Robertson who are connected somehow through a place that exists somewhere in time and space through collective memory. Take a look at the trailer below.

I think the story and visuals from this short teaser make “Tomorrowland” look incredibly intriguing. In addition to George Clooney being attached, we get Director Brad Bird who has a very animated (pun intended) vision of film. He’s worked on films like “Toy Story 3” and “Monsters University” more recently which gives him great potential to create a vibrant world on a live action screen. This should mesh very well with the sci-fi genre and imaginative plot associated with “Tomorrowland.”

What are your thoughts on the trailer?