Todd McFarlane provides more updates on the “Spawn” movie reboot!

In a recent interview, Todd McFarlane provided more details about the “Spawn” reboot film. Supplementing his past statements, McFarlane introduced a new idea of directing the film himself. While it would be ideal for him to take the role, he was also practical about the idea. Realizing that the studios funding the film would not be privy to a fresh director, McFarlane is even exploring the idea of raising funding himself.

Todd McFarlane has already provided details on his vision. From his perspective, the “Spawn” reboot would be more along the lines of a horror film. The environment would be encompassed by terror and Spawn would be in the background as a spectral entity.

The demand for this reboot has been on a gradual climb. With this being Todd McFarlane’s staple character, I’m sure that he will do his best to ensure that this project moves forward as well. Although, if he goes the route of crowd funding in order to direct, there may be a bit of unpredictability when it comes to the film’s success. His suggested budget of $10 million would be quite low for a film that could necessitate blockbuster expectations. And with him being a rookie in the director’s chair, the learning curve could impact the film’s integrity.

What are your thoughts on Todd McFarlane sitting in the director’s chair for a “Spawn” reboot?

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