Mad Max Fury Road -

Check out the FINAL trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road” showing off some bionic Theron!

The release of Mad Max: Fury Road is just around the corner which means it’s time for another trailer. With this final trailer for the film, we get to see more action but also Charlize Theron sporting her bionic arm. Check out the final trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road” below!

It’s nice to see a trailer that doesn’t compliment the redundancy that we’ve seen thus far. Sure we enjoy the fast paced action, but seeing the “calm before the storm” is quite refreshing. This trailer makes you ponder about the story surrounding all of this nomadic violence and the toll it has taken on the innocent. How close to the original “Mad Max” series will this film be? How did Charlize Theron’s character lose her arm? From the last few trailers I have been entertained but not intrigued. This trailer gives me the chance to engage in some deeper thought about other aspects of the film.

We already know that we can expect action from the film but character development is still a key element regardless. For those who have not seen the previous films, they may not know that this film is about the maniacal pursuit of natural resources. People are ravaged over this pursuit of oil from the sadistic who use it for frivolous purposes to the innocent who are seeking the bare minimum to survive. With this final trailer, these few movie-goers who are unfamiliar with the “Mad Max” series have the chance to discover what “Mad Max: Fury Road” is all about.

With two major reboots (Terminator: Genisys) coming this Summer, “Mad Max: Fury Road” seems to have most of the public’s attention with the slew of media that is continually posted. While it has our attention now, will it maintain that attention to be the dominant of the two?

What do you think of the latest “Mad Max: Fury Road” trailer?