Fantastic Four Trank

The latest Fantastic Four trailer reveals all characters’ powers and Dr. Doom!

Director Josh Trank has been stirring up some controversy when it comes to his Fantastic Four reboot. Between asking the cast NOT to read any of the comics and veering away from the source material, he’s had fans in a frenzy. But despite the fan resentment, this latest trailer shows all four characters in action and the reveal of the villainous Doctor Doom. Take a look at the second trailer for “Fantastic Four” below!

I’ve been one of the fans that has shown resentment from the beginning of this film. I find it to be a bit pompous and insulting for Josh Trank to claim the “Fantastic Four” as his own and state that he wants no influence from the comics.

With that said, as a film, this trailer looks to be pretty decent. The story of traveling to other space dimensions sounds interesting and the characters’ powers look very cool. The powers aren’t as “family-friendly” as the first “Fantastic Four” film which can be seen as a both a negative and a positive. From a cinematic perspective, the venture from a family style film creates more relatable characters and a richer adult story. On the other hand, this venture could entirely destroy the foundations of the “Fantastic Four” given that they are a family oriented team of superheroes.

Despite my resentment and qualms with the upcoming film, I have to say that this trailer does have me more intrigued than I thought. If they have a strong backstory that develops both the heroes and the villains, this could turn out to be an entertaining film even though it may not appease “Fantastic Four” fans. At the end of the day, it has many elements that meet the qualifications of a Summer blockbuster and despite resentment, I’m sure it will still be profitable.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Has it changed your mind about the film?