Foxcatcher -

The new “Foxcatcher” trailer is here and it teases the psychological suspense we’ve been waiting for!

Director Bennett Miller may be a household name if the Oscar buzz keeps generating for his upcoming film “Foxcatcher.” Starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum, this film is based on the true life relationship between Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz (Tatum) and his sponsor John du Pont (Carell). The story’s climax occurs when their quest for glory leads to unfortunate and unlikely circumstances. Take a look at the trailer below to get a glimpse of the story’s premise.

Bennett Miller may not be the only one receiving recognition for the film. If the film lives up to its expectations we may see a few breakthrough performances that gain the attention of the Academy. Steve Carell has yet to truly distance himself from the comedy genre and Channing Tatum has the same dilemma in regards to sex appeal. Is it likely that they will receive any sort of recognition? I’d say it’s possible but unlikely.

Steve Carell has toned down his slapstick comedy by focusing more on satire and drama instead. Because of this, I think Steve Carell may have a shot at getting a nomination if this film is critically well received.

Channing Tatum on the other hand is a different story. He has definitely had a breakthrough in becoming a leading man but his most recognized roles have been in comedy films like “21 Jump Street” or action films like “White House Down” and “G.I. Joe.” This is not a testament to his acting, rather a testament to the Academy’s perception of specific genres.

With that said, the Academy has made some evolutionary changes over the years. Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar by changing his perception over the course of a year and even funny man Jonah Hill was nominated in “Moneyball” (which was a previous Bennett Miller film) and “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Hopefully “Foxcatcher” can live up to its current hype and be a vehicle for success for those involved.