Supergirl Melissa Benoist

A full length trailer for CBS’ “Supergirl” has hit the web!

The trailer is here for CBS’ highly anticipated television adaptation of Supergirl. In the trailer we get to see an origin story with a reference to Superman and Melissa Benoist taking on a dual identity much like her male superhero counterpart. Take a look at the trailer below for yourself.

One thing that I’ve noticed from this trailer is what I we’ve been fearing. Melissa Benoist seems to be playing a very feeble and unsure version of Supergirl. This kind of personality is fine for her secret identity alter ego but as a super-powered being on Superman’s level it just seems disrespectful. Despite having all of this power she still seems to be playing a sort of “damsel in distress” when she should be exuding confidence. They had a chance to make her an icon and role model for women but instead they dress up the show with that “small girl big city” mentality and happy-go-lucky theme song.

While it may be too soon to start making judgements from the trailer, the tone that they’re giving the audience is essentially what I described above. This could be a precursor of what’s to come in the show and she might gain her confidence and independence later, but for now it’s not the Supergirl that I wanted to see. I was hoping to see Melissa Benoist play a stronger character than her Glee role as Marley and hopefully that will change later in the season.

Despite how I may feel, right now is the time of the “Comic Book Boom” and I’m sure that many will watch “Supergirl” based on that fad alone…myself included. At the end of the day, it is a television adaptation about an iconic superhero that many are familiar with, which should surely bring in viewers.

What are your thoughts on the “Supergirl” trailer?