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CW’s “The Flash” arch-nemesis Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash has been revealed in full costume!

For those who recently saw the premiere of CW’s “The Flash” then you may have recognized the hint at Professor Zoom aka Reverse Flash through many apparent and discrete Easter eggs throughout the show. In the introductory scene involving Barry’s mother, we see a yellow blur circling her and if you look closely you will notice a yellow figure who many comic book fans would easily recognize as Flash’s arch nemesis. Also throughout the premiere there are nods to Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash’s alter ego with certain characters that lead into the speculation of when the villain will appear. Take a look at some of the photos taken on set which reveal the character in full costume!

Reverse Flash Professor Zoom

Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom


Reverse Flash Professor Zoom

Reverse Flash/ Professor Zoom


I have to say that I love the costume. They’ve captured the essence of Professor Zoom while giving the character a real life perspective. I think that this show has a great lineup of characters coming and I can’t wait to see the reveal of this character.

What do you think?

[Source: Newsarama]