The “Angry Birds” trailer has arrived with a slew of animated laughs.

The animated adaptation of the popular video game finally gets its trailer. With a comedic cast list such as Jason Sudekis, Bill Hader, and Danny McBride lending their voices, “Angry Birds” is setting up an animated film to appease children and adults alike. Also included in the cast is “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage who will reunite with his Pixels co-star Josh Gad. Take a look at the trailer below that gives us a tease of the film to come.

The popular same titled video game has spawned many titles after gaining fame as a mobile platform game. After profiting from mobile devices, “Angry Birds” attempted to make its way into the console market but had little success. Hopefully this franchise can do better than other video game adaptation films and this trailer may be the attempt to make a case for why it could be a success.

The comedy seems tame but universal from what we can see thus far. There are a lot of jokes that will bring chuckles but not necessarily hard laughs. This is of course just an initial assessment from the trailer but as history has shown us, many of the humorous moments in film are given away in the trailer.

One thing that definitely looks positive for “Angry Birds” is the animation. As the years progress, animation and CGI tend to get better and better. From the look of this trailer, I see a lot of fluid and vibrant shots that should equate to an adequate amount of eye candy for both children and adults. The question is, “Is ‘Angry Birds’ still a significant franchise or has it lost its luster?”

The film is currently slated for release in May 2016.

What do you think? Will “Angry Birds” do well at the box office?