Taylor Lautner Tracers

Taylor Lautner + Parkour = Ultimate Douchebaggery!

What do you get when you inject Taylor Lautner into a film about Parkour? A film formula that screams ultimate douchebag. While I think Parkour is amazing and Taylor Lautner may serve a purpose in Hollywood (stimulating tween hormones), his presence in a simplistic film about Parkour just taints the intrigue of the sport. Take a look at the trailer for “Tracers” below!

The one thing I will give this film is that the stunts do look entertaining. When it comes to this type of film, I could see where Taylor Lautner could excel from a stunt perspective but I’m still seeing that campy acting. This could be one of those horribly good films that you watch to make fun of, which means “Tracers” could have some value for the “bad action” cinephiles out there. I still remember watching Hulk Hogan’s “Ultimate Weapon” for that same purpose.

At least Taylor Lautner has a genre where he is accepted and stunt saturated films are his best bet for a film career. “Tracers” is clearly focusing on a trend (Parkour) that has already reached its peak but still has life. With Lautner’s martial arts background and agile nature, he’ll definitely fit in when he’s not speaking.

What do you think everyone? Will Lautner be justifiably tolerable in Tracers?