Finally! Quentin Tarantino’s “The H8ful Eight” (“The Hateful Eight”) trailer is here!

Quentin Tarantino has been persistent in maintaining the secrecy of “The H8ful Eight” (“The Hateful Eight”) but now a little light has been shed on the film. At last a full trailer for the highly anticipated Tarantino project is here and I have to say it looks amazing! Take a look at the trailer below for yourself!

“The H8ful Eight” (“The Hateful Eight”) tells the tale of bounty hunters that find themselves stranded in a dire situation. Taking place in Wyoming in a post-Civil War time period, this film is said to follow themes of deception, betrayal, and survival in an isolated wintry setting. When a group of bounty hunters find themselves stranded due to a blizzard, they are forced to find shelter among a group of questionable people.

The trailer definitely has the Tarantino signature traits that we love. In addition to a unique blend of actors, the trailer highlights a vivid winter landscape that may reflect the cold, western feel of the film. The costumes and environment also match the genre of the film and the cold, post-Civil War Wyoming setting. Oh and then there’s Samuel L. Jackson who seems to be a staple in many Quentin Tarantino films.

Originally Quentin Tarantino said that “Django Unchained” would be his last western project. Given the success of that film and his tendency to frequently change his mind, it’s no surprise that he continued in the western genre with “The H8ful Eight” (“The Hateful Eight”). The film is set for a Christmas 2015 release date and is expected to be another box office victory for Tarantino due to the film’s high anticipation.

How do you feel about “The Hateful Eight” after watching this trailer? Are you more or less inclined to see the film?