Steve Jobs Michael Fassbender

This “Steve Jobs” trailer shows a darker side to the Apple Creator.

Whenever people think of Steve Jobs they usually think “pioneer” or “visionary.” What they don’t think of is “absentee father” or “arrogant jerk.” In the latest trailer for Danny Boyle‘s “Steve Jobs,” we see both sides of Steve and the good and bad seem to be pretty well balanced. Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think of this upcoming film’s potential.

This film has had people leaving left and right. From Christian Bale leaving the role of Steve Jobs to Leonardo DiCaprio backing out, this film has sure created some bad Press for Sony’s biopic. Now with the trailer released and things looking a bit more intriguing with the story, they may be able to leave that bad Press behind and begin to move forward.

What I liked about this trailer is that it foreshadowed a different story for Steve Jobs than we’ve received in previous films. They seem to venture into his personal life outside of Apple and almost paint the picture of him being a bad guy. I believe that this trailer is an attempt to differentiate this film from others and show audiences that they aren’t going to play nice and show Steve as the visionary everyone is used to seeing.

With Steve Jobs being so different in this film from what the public expects, it makes me wonder how Michael Fassbender‘s chic look will be taken by audiences. Maybe it’s the persona in the film that is making Fassbender’s character seem more “corporate” but there are moments throughout where the Steve Jobs I know is unrecognizable. Maybe that’s a good thing so this film can distance itself from the norm or maybe it will be too far from public perception. Either way, I think that this trailer shows the potential of this film being better than what people have expected.

What do you think of the trailer for Sony’s “Steve Jobs?”