Star Wars VII Grave Robber

“Star Wars Episode VII” leaks keep coming and the latest concept art reveals A LOT!

Some recent concept art pictures were leaked for “Star Wars Episode VII” and Star Wars Underworld claims that they are legit. There are a variety of images that reveal many possible outcomes for the film so if you don’t like spoilers, then be warned!

From the images below we can assume and speculate quite a bit. There are many things to speculate about and many hints leading to many revelations about the upcoming plot.

Major Spoiler Speculation

The Possible Mention of Sith Lord Exar Kun

This could be a stretch but there are a lot of signs leading to the inclusion of Sith Lord Exar Kun or at least a mention of his name. Two images lead to me speculating that there will be some traveling to The Temple of Exar Kun. First, there is one image captioned “Massassi Hangar.” The Massassi were a subspecies of the ancient Sith and were enslaved by Dark Jedi (before they started calling themselves Sith). The Massassi were responsible for many temples that were built on Yavin 4 so given the reference to the Massassi, it would only make sense that the “Massassi Hangar” would be on Yavin 4.

Star Wars VII Massassi Hangar

Massassi Hangar

This is where the speculation goes a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. There is another image captioned “The Throne Room.” There are two temples on Yavin 4 that have a throne room, The Great Temple and The Temple of Exar Kun. We’ve seen The Great Temple in the original trilogy and there is no throne room that looks like that image. The Temple of Exar Kun which hasn’t been seen in film but has been seen in games and comics has a much darker look just like the picture below. I know some of you may think this is far fetched but I think it seems likely based on the concept art!

Star Wars VII Throne Room

Throne Room

Not So Major Spoilers

Darth Vader’s Helmet

On one of the photos we see a figure holding the Darth Vader burned helmet with the caption “Grave Robber.” Why the interest in Darth Vader’s corpse? Are we going to see some sort of clone attempt or is there something of value that was buried with Vader?

Star Wars VII Grave Robber

Grave Robber II

Chewbacca’s Bionic Arm

The next image of interest would be Chewbacca’s bionic arm. Apparently he had some sort of injury where he lost his arm and had it replaced with a robotic arm. What sort of battle happened after the events of “Return of the Jedi” that led to Chewbacca losing an arm?

Chewbacca Cybernetic Star Wars VII

Chewbacca Cybernetic

Mysterious Dark Knight Jedi

There is a possible villain simply titled “Dark Knight.” Is this a significant figure or perhaps just an apprentice of some sorts? Will this “Dark Knight” play a role much like Darth Maul played or will there be a bigger significance than just an epic battle?

Dark Knight & Daisy Ridley

Dark Knight & Daisy Ridley

The Wampa Saber

Outside of the other beautiful scenery pictures, one image in particular caught my interest. What the hell is a “Wampa Saber” used for? I know some of you are going to say the obvious, “…for killing wampas,” but why do you need a specific lightsaber for this task? Or is the “Wampa Saber” in reference to something like the term “giant” to reference the size of the saber?

Star Wars VII Wampa Saber

Wampa Saber

Take a look at the gallery below and tell us your predictions!