Greg Grunberg Star Wars

J.J. Abrams’ buddy Greg Grunberg has landed a role in “Star Wars Episode VII.”

Greg Grunberg…who is that? His most notable role is probably that of Matt Parkman in the fan hit show “Heroes.” His next biggest role is probably as J.J. Abrams real life long time friend who randomly appears in small roles throughout a variety of Abrams’ projects.

In a Tweet, Grunberg revealed that his buddy Abrams came through again by finding a part for him in “Star Wars Episode VII” but unfortunately didn’t reveal his role.

My guess is that Grunberg’s role will be about as big as his role in other Abrams projects, for instance his short-lived role in “LOST” as the injured pilot in the first episode. With that said, I think his role will have little significance and probably drift into the background.

Although his role will probably be small, I hope it will at least have some significance when it comes to entertainment. For instance, it would be cool to see him as an X-Wing pilot that quickly dies. We could always use another Porkins!

Porkins Star Wars

Porkins pull up!

[Source: Cinema Blend]