The “Star Trek Beyond” trailer arrives early making the jump to warp speed!

“Star Trek Beyond” was another trailer on the list of trailers to premiere during “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” But after the early leak of the Independence Day: Resurgence trailer yesterday, I’m guessing that Paramount thought they’d avoid the risk and release this trailer on their terms. Take a look at the trailer below.

This is the first “Star Trek” film in the new series to not be directed by JJ Abrams with Justin Lin taking over. This trailer may be setting the pace of the film as it is conducted by this “Fast and Furious” film director. With Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” playing throughout and a variety of more fast-paced, explosive moments, we could have an entirely different film in this series.


Captain Kirk’s high speed motorcycle jump

Chris Pine has always played a more comedic Captain Kirk but it was usually a bit more subtle. In this trailer both action and comedy are prevalent throughout. Just about everyone gets involved in the humor and it doesn’t carry the emotional depth or wonder that the previous trailers carried. Interestingly enough, the presence of “Fast & Furious” moments are obvious outside of just the music. The larger-than-life explosions, hanging from ledges, and slow-motion jumps are all common in Justin Lin’s “Fast & Furious” franchise and they seem to have made their way here in this trailer.

Personally, this trailer concerns me and I think it should concern other “Star Trek” fans as well. It makes me wonder if their stranded, off-world presence is intentional to highlight the strengths of Justin Lin rather than focusing on the space exploration aspect which practically defines the franchise. I’m hoping that this film doesn’t become a more domestically confined picture and Lin is still able to capture the vast open world that JJ Abrams was able to present to us in previous films. Hopefully JJ Abrams’ producer role was influential enough. But, it is only a trailer so only time will tell.

What did you think of the “Star Trek Beyond” trailer? Do you agree with my opinion?