HOLY CRAP! Spider-Man is now an Avenger!

This is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! In the final trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” we finally get to see the debut of Spider-Man. I’ll just shut up now and let you watch the trailer below!

Would I be going total fanboy to say that my heart stopped for a minute? Finally we have Spider-Man as part of the team and despite all that is going on in this trailer, I can’t think about anything else. So before we go into the rest, let’s just get the Spider-Man discussion out of the way.

“Underooos!” That was some of the best “Tony Stark Snark” that I’ve heard and Spider-Man’s intro was perfect. Some may have their own critiques of the costume but wow…they definitely did a great job! Yes it’s different but the eyes are like a throwback to the classic Spider-Man suit in the original comic book. Tom Holland’s voice also fits a lot better with the character than I thought. And then to have him web Captain America’s hands and grab his shield…I can’t even. Amazing!

For the rest of the trailer we get a few details regarding the holes in between the dialogue of the other trailers. We see General Ross making a valid point to Cap about the destruction that the Avengers have been associated with and you see things weighing a bit more heavily on Steve. The exchange between Tony and Steve leading to the first punch (from Iron Man) is also more intense building to the animosity between the two. I’m guessing that the hit on War Machine knocking him out of the sky really ticked Tony off.

Overall this is an iconic trailer and has me so excited for “Captain America: Civil War!” I honestly don’t know how I can wait any longer.

Tell us your thoughts on the trailer and Spider-Man’s debut!